Join a high-level conversation with fellow industry leaders and experts from The Conference Board to address emerging business issues identified by our members. Each KnowlEdge Series is composed of three or four half-hour programs that build on each other. The interactive, web-based format ensures ease of access. Supplemental materials and online availability keep the discussion going long after the series ends. Provocative and proactive, the KnowlEdge Series informs and deepens your company’s internal dialogue on the most pressing issues of the day.

In today’s “new normal”, work life balance is the key to driving high performance.  Even the busiest leaders can learn proven strategies to align with their personal life and well being.  The result is powerful - employees are more engaged, more resilient, and energized.  Work life balance is the “must have” to lay the foundation for sustainable career success.  With this innovative workplace model, you can take control of your calendar, align with your values, and create more time for health and family.  Learn how leaders in the real world are transforming performance and accomplishing business goals with three integrated strategies that fuel the other:

    • Discover the proven methods that allow overwhelmed leaders to stay aligned and deliver what is most important for their personal life and engagement
    • Increase leaders' capacity and energy at work practically, with business-oriented plans for fitness, nutrition and resilience to stress
    • Learn the ways to take back control of one’s stress, time and focus to work effectively through the day.

Create Leaders Who Are Prepared for the Demands of the 21st Century

Series Hosts

Sara Murray Sara Murray
Director, Executive Programmes
The Conference Board
Alejandro Rodriguez Bas Alejandro Rodriguez Bas
Chief Executive Officer
PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand

Alejandro is the Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand. Alejandro oversees a complex marketing,  selling, manufacturing & distribution, IT and finance, network across PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand.

A... Full Bio

Joshua Seldman Joshua Seldman
Executive Stamina

Joshua Seldman is a leader in the field of Executive Performance.  After years as a professional athlete and world-class fitness coach, he applied his expertise on stamina and endurance to executive development, co-authoring the book Executiv... Full Bio

Part 1: Driving Leadership Performance Through Work Life Balance

07 November, 2011 11:00 AM EST [11:00], 05:00 PM CET [17:00], 04:00 PM GMT [16:00] | 01 hr | Time Zone Converter

Attaining Work-Life Alignment

Leaders who believe they don’t have time for the personal life report feeling drained and being distracted while they are at work.  In this module you will learn, even in the busiest of schedules, the most practical and effective way business leaders can live in alignment with their personally priorities such as family, health, and well being.  The result is huge- An increase in emotional and physical energy as well as gaining clarity and focus at work.  Learn how companies like General Electric, Pepsico and Barclays Capital have used this system as the driving force behind developing a culture of talent sustainability and high performance by increasing the attraction, retention, and engagement of leaders in all levels of the organization.  

Part 2: Driving Leadership Performance Through Work Life Balance

14 November, 2011 11:00 AM EST [11:00], 05:00 PM CET [17:00], 04:00 PM GMT [16:00] | 01 hr | Time Zone Converter

Increase Capacity

We translate the science of world-class endurance athletes to realistic fitness goals for the business lifestyle.  Learn how leaders can develop an individualized plan for exercise, nutrition and their resilience to stress.  The result is being physically prepared to sustain performance at work and make the right decisions under pressure.  This practical plan is designed to be effective especially when you’re working long hours and traveling.

Part 3: Driving Leadership Performance Through Work Life Balance

21 November, 2011 11:00 AM EST [11:00], 05:00 PM CET [17:00], 04:00 PM GMT [16:00] | 01 hr | Time Zone Converter

Optimizing Focus and Time

Learn how busy leaders can recover more than one hour of their time each day in order to gain control of their calendar, and stay focused and prepared for key moments.  Instead of feeling “crazy busy,” learn techniques to avoid time-wasting activities such as attending unnecessary meetings. This module teaches the most important skill for the new normal economy – staying focused through the day on high payoff activities that deliver the key results.


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